The problem

The project

The problem





  • Example of good work and achievements by the digital team in HMRC
  • 100% delivery on time.
  • Passed the GDS assessment

My role


Too many cooks spoil the broth.

One size doesn’t fit all

Design of Tristar’s mobile booking application on iPhone (iOS7) Part of the project team reporting to the marketing manager.

Starting the project

  • Competitors in the transport industry.
  • Similar apps already in the market.
  • Our users.
Mockup of the iOS app


Design of the new responsive website for Lebara Mobile, from sketching to high-fidelity prototyping with a lot of guerilla testing.

Mobile and desktop versions of the home page

Initial research

  • We ran a workshop with the core stakeholders (internal and external) in order to understand the business goals and identify some user needs.
  • We also interviewed with the different departments in order to understand the specific needs of each of them.
  • A survey on our UK website collecting more than 1000 responses and analysed it using affinity walls.

The first of 3 heuristic analysis I’m doing in the websites of charities related with the sponsoring of children as part of a personal project for a Charity in Uganda.

How to improve the Homepage?

Heuristic used: Aesthetic and minimalist design

One of the leading law publishers had changed ownership. The new directive wanted to move the paper-based company to the digital platform. We multiplied by seven the conversions in only 3 months.

Affinity wall to analyse the users feedback

My role

  • Lead the user experience specialist in the digital transformation.
  • Implementing the proper user-centred processes through the company
  • Leading meetings and design workshops with the client and their users.
  • Redesign the website, as part of an agile team.


No-one knows what UX or UCD means

New owners, new teams, new problems

All for the user, without the user

Bubblefish UX

15 years of experience in design thinking and user experience.

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